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Digital Billboards and Toll-free Custom 800 Numbers Light Up Call Volume For Clients

Client: Vice President and General Manager – Outdoor Company, NY

The outdoor company with an office in New York State manages 1,199 outdoor displays, employs seven Account Executives, and works hundreds of clients in the greater metro area. Recently, the location introduced a digital display in their market.

Background: The nation’s third largest outdoor advertising company introduced digital displays into their line of outdoor products in 2004. An electronic billboard is the perfect advertising space for clients who want more flexibility in their ad messages, keeping them up-to-date with the latest seasonal specials, campaigns, and promotions.

Challenge: The Vice President and General Manager of the New York location wanted to present his clients with quantitative proof that the new electronic billboard would get noticed and produce real results for their campaigns.

Solution: Create a promotion to give away an evening of entertainment to a winning caller. Use a memorable Custom 800 number as the response mechanism and tracking tool to measure response rates and monitor results of the promotion.

Results: The digital billboard and 1-800-NEW-SHOW proved to be a perfect combination. The general manager says, “In one day the promotion generated more than 800 calls into our office. We now have statistical proof to share with our clients that an electronic billboard is a strong outdoor advertising vehicle.”

According to the general manager the digital billboard and 1-800-NEW-SHOW is not only a strong advertising tactic, but also a powerful point-of-purchase advertising mix. “The influx of calls during the morning and evening commute proves that people are tuning into, absorbing, and responding to outdoor advertising.”

He explains that of the 800 calls that came in on the day of the promotion 54% were during drive times, with 15% taking place during the morning commute and 40% during the evening commute. The general manager goes on to point out the power of the vanity 800 number. “Almost 50% of callers responding to the digital display dialed 1-800-NEW-SHOW from a landline, meaning people recalled the number and dialed in from their home phones. And, our office received phone calls for several days after the digital display was turned off, proving that there is a real benefit to using 1-800-NEW-SHOW. In my mind this makes a strong case for clients to incorporate an unforgettable phone number into all of their advertising, not just digital displays.”

As an expert on outdoor advertising the general manager has some advice to advertisers. “One, make sure you include a strong call-to-action on your billboard and your ad will deliver impressive results. Two, a vanity 800 number is always easier for people to remember and dial. Three, call tracking provides monitoring and analytical tools to measure a campaign’s performance. And finally, digital billboards using a Custom 800 number aligned with a client’s brand will create lasting awareness and response.”

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