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Custom 800 Numbers Help Wireless Dealer Monitor Incoming Calls to 29 Locations & Track Ad Campaigns

Client: Texas-based wireless dealer is a market leader in the retail and B2B wireless communication industry, operating 29 retail locations in two states.

Background: A fellow wireless dealer recommended the company use vanity 800 numbers with call tracking and recording services to monitor their advertising campaigns. The multi-location wireless dealer has now been using vanity 800 numbers for two years.

Challenge: The wireless dealer was placing each store’s local phone number in their ads as the response tool. They had to list multiple phone numbers in each ad, and they had no method in place to track campaign performance.

Solution: Highlight easy-to-remember Custom 800 numbers in all advertising campaigns, and use accompanying call tracking reports to monitor campaign effectiveness.

800-NEW-DEAL   |   866-NEW-DEAL   |   877-NEW-DEAL   |   888-NEW-DEAL

Results: Since activating four Custom 800 numbers, the President of the wireless company says, “We have more control over our advertising campaigns, and can review their effectiveness. With the vanity 800 numbers and real-time tracking service, we can immediately look at the source of incoming calls after a campaign launches, and tie each response back to a specific media buy.”

He explains how the 800response program helps his business, “Vanity 800 service with call tracking is a beneficial program for businesses with multiple locations in the same area code. Not only can you track campaign results, but you can test the performance of promotions and advertising outlets, and modify campaigns based on actual results.”

The advanced call routing technology simplified a cumbersome practice, allowing the company to change their old advertising strategy of listing many different numbers, to featuring just one phone number in their ads. The company’s President says, “Instead of listing each location with that store’s local phone number, we can list just one phone number, and limit the amount of copy and clutter in our ads. And, the Custom 800 numbers are also easier for people to remember than numeric phone numbers, especially in radio and billboard campaigns.”

The company’s district managers also use Call Recording to monitor how employees handle their incoming calls. “We play back the recordings for the staff so they can pinpoint where their sales skills may need improvement. By monitoring the recordings each manager can improve their employee training, which affects the overall customer service experience we deliver,” says the company’s President.

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