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Vanity 800 Number Gives Roofing Company a Professional Edge and Increases Calls

Client: President – Southeast TX

The roofing contractor has gained the trust and loyalty of many new clients. The company has three specialists who manage incoming customer inquiries and service calls, six sales people, and numerous field crews working on multiple roofing projects at any given time across Houston, TX.

Background: This large roofing company has been serving the Southeast Region of Texas since 1996 with renovation, catastrophe restoration, and new construction services. The company has over 10,000 roofing projects under its belt.

Challenge: The professional roofing company needed a way to stand out from the many competing contractors in a large city. They also wanted a tool to convey that roofing is a highly specialized and well-respected industry.


1. Use a vanity 800 number that aligns with the brand, and brings a higher level of professionalism to the company.

2. Place the vanity 800 number on company vehicles, making the most of the free advertising space, and include the number on yard signs and in their Yellow Pages™ ad to establish a sense of trust and longevity in the market among their customers.

Results: According to the President of the company, “Vanity numbers are easier for me to remember.” So, when it came time to get a toll-free number to advertise his roofing business, naturally he wanted an unforgettable vanity 800 that customers could easily recall.

“Every day, 1-800-ROOF-PRO reinforces the credibility and professionalism of our company when people see the number on our vehicles and signs. And, it is more memorable than the local number we were using before,” he says.

The president of the company also notes that call volumes spiked after placing the vanity 800 number on their company vehicles. To monitor response to their advertising and marketing, he relies on web-based tracking reports, which he consults on a regular basis.

“The tracking reports are very informative. Because Houston is so spread out, I can refer to the reports and see the specific zip codes where our callers live. This lets me track call trends based on where our vehicles and yard signs are seen.” He also uses the online reports to gauge the average home values and household incomes of his callers, which allows him to keep a pulse on market trends as well.

By using the vanity 800 number in advertising and on promotional materials, the president of the company has achieved his goals. “Now people automatically associate 1-800-ROOF-PRO with our services, and the “PRO” perfectly conveys that we are a professional and credible roofing company.”

“Compared to other services, 800response’s vanity number and tracking reports are head and shoulders above the rest.”

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