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Auto Dealer Uses Vanity 800 Number to Capture Buyers and Stay Ahead of the Competition
“Vanity numbers will always be a part of our advertising and marketing strategy.”


General Manager – FL

Auto dealership specializes in vehicle sales and service in Florida. They are part of the largest auto retailer in America.

Background / Challenge:

This area in FL is a top advertising market, with a population of over three million people and nearly one hundred automotive dealerships competing for customers. The business wants to be the standout Toyota® dealer in the competitive Florida auto market.


Use a vanity number to capture the market of buyers and brand their dealership.


The dealership started featuring 1-800-NEW-TOYO in 2001 to capture the new and preowned vehicle buyers in their market, which is highly competitive with a dozen dealerships selling the Toyota brand. They use the vanity 800 number as a branding tool and to ensure their direct-response campaigns are synonymous with the dealership’s name, which also helps them stand out from the competition.

The General Manager appreciates the vanity 800 number as a branding tool, which is exclusive to the Toyota dealership in their market.

“Any caller that dials 1-800-NEW-TOYO or 1-800-NEW-SCION in the advertising market is automatically directed to our dealership. By monitoring the vanity numbers, I know that we are capturing all of those callers that are interested in buying a new or used Toyota or Scion,” says the GM.

According to him, “the vanity numbers will always be a part of our advertising and marketing strategy.”

Toyota and Scion are trademarks of Toyota Motor Sales U.S.A. There is no relationship between 800response or any of its affiliates and the aforementioned company.

What Our Customers Are Saying

Whenever I ask 800response if they can help us tackle questions about our account or requests for call data, they always respond with a can-do attitude like ‘we’re going to work on this.’ Then during our next conversation they report that they’ve found a way to resolve our request, and they always come through. Our Client Engagement Specialist and all employees at the company set high bars for themselves, and I’m confident that they will come through every time and deliver when I ask for help.

Vishwas Arora, Channel Marketing Manager at Kohler