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5 Ways Call Monitoring Improves Your Operations

In today’s competitive business climate, it’s critical that you do everything you can to help your company succeed. If your business has a call center, you should implement a phone call monitoring system. Customer service call monitoring can help you improve your operations in meaningful ways, such as creating new sales opportunities.  Doing this can help your business experience a higher level of success in both the short and long term.

Key Ways Customer Service Call Monitoring Can Help Your Business

While your call center agents may see the installation of a call monitoring system as potentially intrusive, the truth is that a call monitoring system can benefit them as much as it can improve your company’s overall operations. If you explain this to your employees as they’re learning how to use call monitoring, it will help prevent them from resisting the system’s installation, as well as the changes that the installation may lead to down the line.

How Call Monitoring Improves Your Operations

Here are some of the ways call monitoring can improve your operations and benefit your call center agents:

  • Improved Training: When you’re monitoring calls for quality assurance, you have the chance to use call monitoring for training purposes. You can earmark calls that were handled perfectly, as well as those that could’ve gone better, and use them in training sessions to improve the performance of your team and individual agents. When you provide better training, your representatives will be even more proficient at their jobs and take even greater pride in their work.

How Call Monitoring Improves Your Call Center

A call center is generally a high-pressure environment that requires experts to handle incoming calls, respond to inquiries, and resolve problems. When you provide the appropriate training that includes specific examples from real-life interactions with callers, you’ll set your agents up for success on both group and individual bases.

  • Reduced Attrition: Without proper training, your agents may decide to work elsewhere. When an agent leaves, it’s expensive for your company. It also takes a toll on the agents who are left behind to do even more work. Since phone number monitoring can help you improve the training and coaching you provide, it can also help reduce your agent attrition rate.
  • Re-Energized Agents: Once you know how to monitor calls and track performance measures, you’ll be able to take steps to re-energize your team. You can set up programs that reward your top-performing agents for achieving certain performance metrics and use gamification to motivate everyone to perform better. By using gamification, you can also close the knowledge gap that may exist between your newer and more seasoned call center agents. This can lead to more efficient customer service and better teamwork across the board.
  • Higher First Contact Resolution Rate: Many consumers become frustrated if their problem isn’t resolved the first time they contact a business, which is something that could lead to lost sales and customers. The information you get from customer service call monitoring can help you identify the most common reasons people contact your call center and put steps into place to resolve these issues in one call.
  • Improved KPIs: While your call center’s first contact resolution rate is certainly an important metric for you to track, it’s far from the only one that can identify areas that need improvement. With an advanced call monitoring system from 800response, you can use 18 real-time reports to track your KPIs. You can use these reports to monitor your call abandon rate, your cost per call, the length of time people spend in a queue waiting for their call to be answered, your call completion rate, and many additional key performance indicators.

To learn more about the KPIs you can track with our system and how our call monitoring system can improve your operations, contact 800response online, or call us at 1-800-NEW-SALE now.

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