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Improve Your 2018 Marketing Strategy with Call Tracking and Call Monitoring

As more and more interactions are occurring online these days, it’s easy to forget about other forms of communication, such as phone conversations. This can be especially true for businesses, who may feel as though connecting with people via the phone is obsolete. But the truth is that the phone call is still relevant, perhaps even more so today than ever before. 

Each call that comes into your business contains a wealth of data that can have a tremendous impact on its success. You just need to be able to access it with the right technology.

Improve Advertising Strategies with Call Tracking

When it comes to marketing, finding the right advertising strategy can be a delicate and tricky process. Companies spend incredible amounts of time and money to figure out the best places and times to place their ads in order to get the best returns, and even then their methods don’t always pay off. This is because too many companies don’t have access to the data they need to ensure the strategic decisions they make are sound.

But with tools like call tracking, companies can gain invaluable information on their customers with each incoming phone call; information such as where people are calling from, their age range, income bracket, and other demographics. Call tracking can also assist companies in seeing which advertising methods are most likely to catch people’s attention and prompt them to call. All of this information is vital when it comes to creating and investing in future ad strategies that will yield optimum results.

Boost Customer Conversion Rates with Call Monitoring

Many businesses consider the phone call as their most valuable lead source, probably because a phone call means someone has gone beyond simply researching a business. This also means the person is more serious about potentially doing business with that company. This makes a phone conversation 10 times more likely to convert than any other form of communication.

To ensure these conversions occur, tools like call recording and call monitoring can be incredibly effective. Businesses can listen to recorded calls and see what occurred in the conversations that solidified or lost someone as a customer, as well as discover common reasons why people are calling in the first place.

An advanced call monitoring tool like speech analytics is also quite helpful, as it can quickly scan conversations for frequent words and phrases, allowing businesses to identify trends and patterns that contribute to successful conversions.

With tools like call tracking and call monitoring, businesses can make strong decisions that are based on solid data, which can be accurately evaluated to create more effective ad campaigns and better business practices. These tools can help guarantee each phone call you receive contributes to your business’s success.

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