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Call Tracking Best Practices: Do’s and Don’ts

If you market your business online, in print advertisements, on television, on the radio, or a combination and your marketing efforts generate a lot of leads, you should be using a call tracking service. When you use call tracking services provided by 800response, you have the opportunity to narrow the gap between your marketing campaigns and the leads they produce. This will enable you to determine the actual return you’re getting on your marketing tactics by revealing where your offline conversions are coming from.

Knowing where your conversions come from can help you better target your marketing activities. This will help you find the sources that produce the highest number of high-quality leads and successful conversions. While this can help you get the highest ROI on your marketing campaigns and maximize your profits, call tracking can negatively influence your ROI and bottom line if it’s mismanaged.

Because call monitoring can have either a positive or negative effect on your company’s success, we thought it would be a good idea to provide some do’s and don’ts that can help you use our call tracking services to benefit your business.

The Don’ts of Call Monitoring

One of the things you want to avoid with a call tracking service is making your customers and prospects ask themselves, “When are my calls being monitored?” If you’re going to record or monitor a call, let the caller know upfront. This is more than just a courtesy that can help prevent consumers from feeling suspicious; it’s also something that can help you avoid trouble with the law if someone files a complaint against your business for violating his or her privacy.

You may also think you need a unique phone number for every website where your company’s contact information is provided to track the sources of your leads accurately. While it’s easy to understand why you may think that, it’s not necessary. In fact, doing this isn’t just unnecessary, it’s potentially harmful to your company’s ranking in online searches.

If your business is listed in multiple places on the Internet and your business name, address, and number are inconsistent across listings or change frequently, search engines will doubt the legitimacy of your business. This will cause them to rank your company much lower in search results.

Software exists that makes it possible to track the sources of your leads using one consistent phone number. Dynamic Number Insertion enables you to use one phone number for all your listings while still being able to track calls by assigning each caller a unique, trackable number.

The Do’s of Call Tracking

A call tracking system from 800response comes with many capabilities that can benefit your business. One of the most-used tools our advanced system has is call recording. To get the most out of your call monitoring system, it’s essential that you use call recording.

Call recording gives you the chance to examine the quality of the leads you’re getting. It also gives you the opportunity to gather critical data, such as keywords and phrases, which can help you connect with your existing customers and prospects. You can also use call recording to monitor the customer service your team and individual agents are providing. Call recordings provide plenty of material you can use to improve the training and coaching you offer your call center agents, as well.

When you use call tracking services provided by 800repsponse, you’ll enjoy access to 18 real-time reports you can use to identify areas that need improvement. You should use these valuable reports to monitor your key performance indicators and take steps to correct any problems that could be costing you money or sales. You can also use these reports to see if you need to redirect your marketing dollars and monitor the performance of your team compared to designated metrics.

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