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All I Want for Christmas: Vanity 800 Numbers

It’s that season when Christmas is showing up in the stores and businesses are hoping for a good shopping season. Are you one of those businesses? If yes, then can customers remember your phone number in order to contact you?

Think about it:

1. We associate a red kettle and a ringing bell with Salvation Army.

2. We associate jingles with products.

3. We associate a giraffe with Toys R Us.

So, why not have vanity 800 numbers that customers associate with you? We say numbers because you might have more than key product that you want to advertise. You could create more than one vanity number for your business, one for each key product.

For example: Your business specializes in food gifts for Christmas. You have chocolate food gifts, fruit food gifts, and gourmet food gifts. You could choose one vanity number for your company, or you could choose three vanity numbers to represent each of your specialties. The crunch of Christmas shopping is here and you want to reach every customer you can, so start thinking today about what phone number you use.

Thinking most people will order online? There are several people who will. But don’t forget the generation that still wants to order by phone or in person. They just are not into ordering online. Another reason to get that vanity number of vanity numbers. That generation is most likely to order food gifts as they don’t need the other gadgets and clothes usually given for Christmas.

Not sure if a vanity number is for you or worth it? Please contact us and let’s have that discussion.



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