How a Vanity Number can Help You

Available Vanity 800 Numbers and How A Vanity Number can Help Your Business

A companies phone number plays an important role in how customers contact you. It is important to have a catchy and easy to remember phone number that customers can easily recall when needed. A vanity number can help new and existing clients reach you with ease.

There are thousands of available vanity 800 numbers and they can be custom designed depending on a set of key words or the industry that your business is in. To find a vanity 800 number you only need to decide how you would like your number to be associated with your business or industry. Then you will be given a list of various numbers to choose from.

Once I’ve selected my new vanity number, how is it going to help my business?

  1. A vanity number will make it easier for customers to remember your number. This can help bring in new business as a current customer simply has to give out your catchy number to their friend or relative. Think about all the business numbers you know by name not by number.
  2. It shows that you are putting the customer first. By having a phone number and the person on the other end of the line, it assures the customer that they will be speaking with a human and not a machine.
  3. After you run an ad campaign, you will more than likely still have people calling in months later because they remember your number and slogan.
  4. Speaking with someone over the phone is more valuable than talking to someone online. It makes the customer feel important because they aren’t just someone on the other end of the computer. They are getting first hand customer experience and assurance there are no mistakes. A live representative can better answer their questions and concerns.

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