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Boost Business in the Fall with a Vanity Number

home improvement contractor tool beltEven though we haven’t even reached the “official” start of summer (June 21 this year), a lot of businesses are planning now for their busy seasons in the fall. The fall is an ideal time for major projects around the house including home improvement and remodeling as temperatures start to cool off, making it easier to work outside.

While homeowners may not be planning these projects just yet, home improvement businesses should start planning their advertising now to drum up new business in the fall.

Adding a vanity phone number to an advertising campaign is a great way to boost brand awareness and increase inbound calls to your business. Getting your name and contact information out now (this early in June) will create top-of-mind awareness for your company, so that by the fall, homeowners will be calling you for work.

Here are 3 types of businesses that could benefit from advertising with a vanity phone number now during the summer, to boost business in the fall.

Home Improvement

Did the harsh winter create problems with the roof? Or perhaps it’s about time the windows got replaced. Home improvement businesses should include an easy to remember vanity number with their advertising for increased sales prospects. A vanity number such as 800-NEW-WINDOW would be a great option for a window company. Not only can the vanity number be included broadcast and print advertisements, but it can also be placed on the side of company vehicles. This way, when the company is in a specific neighborhood, area residents can clearly see the vanity number on the truck parked in their neighbor’s driveway.


Contractors, interior designers, and architects can all benefit from vanity numbers. In addition to being a big season for home improvement, many homeowners look to complete major home renovation projects in the fall, so they are ready in time for the winter holidays. To increase businesses, an interior designer could send direct mailers with images of their work along with a vanity phone number such as 800-NEW-INTERIOR. Contractors could appeal to homeowners looking to add an addition to their home, or remodel the interior to open up space in the home. A vanity number such as 800-NEW-BUILT would be a great phone number for a contractor looking to boost business.


There is a service company out there for pretty much anything needed done around the house. Home services include:

  • Plumbers
  • Carpet Cleaners
  • House Painters
  • Yard Services (great for raking leaves)
  • Gutter Cleaners (ideal for getting ready for the winter)

There is a perfect vanity phone number for every home service company imaginable. Are you unsure of what type of vanity number to use for your business? Check out our Vanity 800 Number Search to find a vanity phone number that is the perfect match for your company.