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Choosing the Right Toll Free Number for Your Business

Online advertisement has already changed traditional ways of marketing and provided business owners and startups with an easy and cost effective way of promoting their business. However, the stiff competition in the mainstream business world has made it more challenging than ever for small and medium business owners to compete with well-established business organizations.

However, there are some proven business tactics which can help SMEs expand their business and match the standard of A-class business firms. One such marketing strategy is subscribing to vanity toll free numbers.

What are Vanity Numbers?

Vanity toll free numbers allow business owners to provide consumers with an easy to remember contact number. These numbers are different than normal landline numbers in the following aspects:

Structure– Vanity numbers consist of three parts:

  • A 3-digits prefix (e.g. 800, 866 and 877) which serves the purpose of routing the call within a particular geographic location.
  • An 8-digit suffix, which is the main number. Subscribers can choose a string of numbers, a word, or an alphanumeric code as customized suffix.
  • Extension Code-In case of multiple connections o the same number, an extension code is added in the beginning of the number to direct the call to the right line.

Calling Charges– Unlike landline connection, in which the calling charges are to be paid by the calling party, toll free numbers allow callers to make free-of-cost calls. All the calling charges are directed to the toll free subscriber.

Tips for Choosing Vanity Number

Here are some quick tips that can help you choose the right vanity number that can improve your marketing ROI:

Keep it Easy– it is advisable to choose an easy to remember and catchy suffix. For obvious reasons, it is easier for consumers to remember a name or a meaningful word rather than a complex numeric code. Although it is recommended to choose the name of your organization as your contact number, in case the number is not available, use your main service in the customized suffix.

Don’t Use Wrong Spelling– Often business owners use wrong spelling of a word to promote their product if the right word is already reserved. For example, if you want to use “SHIRTS” in your customized suffix, but the word is already allocated to some other subscriber then instead of using wrong spelling of the word (e.g. “SHIRTZ”) use some other word that closely matches your product. This is because wrong spellings are not easy to remember and consumers might end up dialing the wrong number.

Right Prefix– Most business owners undermine the importance of choosing the right prefix. Using the prefix which is used by mainstream business organizations allow startups and SMEs to give a professional impression to clients. For example, in the US, most business owners use 800 toll free numbers.

You can also choose advanced tools for tracking, recording and monitoring calls to facilitate consumers with improved services.

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