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Creating Radio Advertising That Truly Stands Out

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In recent years, online advertising has been under a barrage of scrutiny. Studies show that nearly 60% of online advertising budgets fall victim to online fraud, including bots, minimal visibility, and “intentional misrepresentation.”

This has led to many businesses and ad agencies realizing the importance and trustworthiness of traditional marketing channels. And one channel that’s seen a recent boost is radio. In fact, a report from Standard Media Index shows radio ad spending jumped 15% in February of this year, and other studies reveal that for every dollar spent on radio advertising, there’s a $12 return in sales.

Radio advertising clearly has something going for it.  Here are some tips on how any business can make radio marketing both effective and lucrative.

Placement is Critical

When talking about radio, the word “frequency” has two meanings. One refers to electromagnetic radio waves, and the other refers to what’s needed to make an impact with radio advertising. Studies show people need exposure to a radio ad at least three times before it resonates with them. But a high frequency of ads is pointless if they are not reaching the right people.

It’s important to ensure that you’re getting your radio commercials in front of consumers likely to take action. Many businesses know that certain times of the year are best for them. For example, fitness centers heavily advertise at the start of the year, and formal wear shops advertise around prom season.

However, thanks to call tracking, businesses can access detailed information to help them create radio ads that connect with the right demographics. Combining a high-frequency rate with smart ad placement can lead to amazing outcomes for any radio ad campaign.

Content Can be the Deciding Factor

Once you make the decision of when and where to air the ads, the next step is figuring out the content. Considering radio commercials tend to be rather short, and listeners are constantly exposed to numerous commercials, the commercial must catch the listener’s attention and stay with them afterward. So it’s important to get right to the point and not clutter the message with too much information.

You must immediately get the listener’s attention and identify what problem your product solves right away, and how it stands apart from the competition. Including a strong call-to-action, such as an unforgettable vanity 800 number, is also key. This ensures that listeners can recall the CTA of the commercial they heard on the radio, and they immediately know how to contact that particular business.

Nearly 250 million people listen to the radio each week, with an average listening time of 2.25 hours per day. With these numbers, it makes sense to put radio advertising into your ad campaigns. The results are well worth the effort.

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