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Why Get Vanity 800 Numbers?

You may have heard about vanity 800 numbers. They are the latest craze in the business and communications world. Companies sell these unique numbers to businesses and corporations daily. But why does everyone want them so badly? There are a number of reasons.

First, vanity 800 numbers help with branding. Branding is the most important aspect of your business.  It is that automatic association that people get when they think of your business, hear an ad, or see your logo. You can increase awareness of your brand by using a vanity 800 number. When people call it, they automatically think of your company.

Likewise, the next time they need a service or product you offer, they are more likely to remember your number. A good example of a vanity number that worked for a company in a big way is “1-800-Flowers.” They turned a company that was $10,000 in debt into a multi-million dollar empire by adding an 800 number.

Another reason you may want to add vanity 800 numbers is to give you access to a number of other marketing and advertising tools. Many companies offer monitoring software and other tools to track your progress when you get an 800 number. So this is another good reason to try this.

If you use your 800 number in your advertising, you will increase exposure to your brand and create more of a buzz about your products and services. Promote it on social media for even more talk about your brand. It is easy for people to remember and they will often save your number for later reference if you have an 800 number.

Having vanity 800 numbers with your brand name included also helps mobile customers to connect to you faster. Think about the difference between calling a number like 1-312-444-5547 and 1-800-GET-FOOD for example. It gives much quicker access to people using mobile devices and is safer and more convenient for them to call.

You will get more calls with an 800 number, and avoid having to give out your regular business number. Call centers can take calls from your 800 number and forward them to you, or handle the calls for you.

Vanity 800 numbers are also easier to implement with a radio ad program. People who are listening to radio ads are often in the car on their way to work or other places. Unlike a regular phone number, an 800 number is easier for the announcer to put in the ad, and it’s easier for the listener driving the car to remember the number. They cannot write it down, so your best chance of getting to that driver is having a vanity 800 number.

Having an 800 number increases your potential customer base, allows for implementation into radio and media ads, and presents your brand in a way that will be remembered. It becomes a part of your brand image after some time, and people will pass your number around even more. Including it on social media, YouTube, and other places on the web is an excellent way to maximize your results.

If you would like to know how to get your very own vanity 800 number for your business, contact us any time. It may be one of the best moves you make to increase your brand awareness and customer potential.