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Growing Your Business in a Local Market

Buying Local Isn’t Just for Food Vendors Anymore

While the trend is often relegated to food, “buying local” has become a significant credo for all kinds of shoppers. People are rejecting national brands and choosing businesses that help form the backbone of their communities. This movement is born out of more than a desire to “throwback” to the good old days. Consumers genuinely believe in the benefits of going local, and that creates a significant opportunity for small businesses.

However, giant conglomerates still generate their fair share of revenue, so you’ll need to take a proactive approach if you want to establish yourself as a pillar of the community.

Market Branding and Awareness

While people crave old-age business, they appreciate new-age marketing techniques. Establishing a local connection requires that you implement popular digital advertising trends on a smaller scale to fight for attention. The first thought that often comes to mind centers on social media and clean, professional websites, which are both valuable elements.

That said, you can also add local, personal touches that separate you from chains and big-box stores. By employing call tracking with toll-free and local phone numbers, you can track where your new leads are coming from to improve marketing strategies.

Another way to make sure that customers reach your business is to implement geo-based call routing. Geographic routing starts as soon as your number is dialed. Call routing technology detects the physical position of the caller and uses their location information to route the call appropriately, and according to the rules that you create. Combine your tracking numbers with billboard ads, digital ads, and geofenced content to put yourself all over the map.

Sell Yourself on Quality and Value

To compete with large stores, you need to provide people with products that stand out from mass-produced merchandise. Make this your key selling point.

Not only should people expect a higher quality due to the local, personal touch, but it should also hold up against the test of time to give people the best value for their money. For example, local eateries can hold a tremendous advantage by providing customers with fresh ingredients, and handmade goods. National and fast-food chains have tried, but they have yet to beat local restaurants on being unique.

The same holds true with service-based industries, such law offices or real estate firms. You can offer insights and resources gathered through years of local service, which chains cannot match.

By knowing the people, industries and tastes of your community, the right approach can produce quality and value that generates much more appeal than any chain.

Give Back to the Community

So how do you prove your knowledge and commitment to the locals? The answer is simple: Support them!

Businesses can gain an invaluable advantage by placing themselves in positions of helpfulness or influence within the community. You can achieve this goal by attending fairs, expos or other local events to showcase your services.

You could also partner with other local companies to promote or sponsor specific causes, such as fundraisers and charities. You might also host workshops or seminars to invite people to interact with you directly and gain first-hand impressions of what you do. No matter how you choose to get involved in the community, there’s no better way to get your brand out there in a genuine, positive way.

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