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How to Explain to Your Clients Why They Need Call Tracking

“Why bother with a tracking phone number for my business? Everything is done online these days.”

Sound familiar?

The internet has certainly made it easier for companies to track leads and gather contact information from prospects. While there’s no debate over the importance of having an online presence for today’s businesses, lead tracking isn’t confined to the web. There’s a ton of lead-qualifying information that your clients can gather from a simple phone call.

Despite Popular Belief, People Still Use the Phone

Your clients may believe that no one uses the phone anymore. However, there are countless studies that show customers still prefer to use the telephone. Unlike filling out an online form that may take days to receive a response, a phone conversation provides immediate answers. Plus, not all websites have a chat option.

If customers have unique concerns, or need to request a pricing quote, most landing pages can’t help. A live person can more easily craft a custom solution to address individual needs. Finally, phone conversations establish a more personal connection. Many customers appreciate the option to speak directly to a representative who can give them better advice and ultimately, a better customer experience.

Inbound phone calls are especially important when it comes to making sales, as they are proven to have 10 times the speed of return revenue than that of web forms. Not only do businesses still need phone numbers, but they also need to be sure they can track those numbers.

You Can’t Spell Call Tracking without ROI

Well, actually, you can. But you can’t get your marketing ROI without a call tracking service. Call tracking allows businesses to see exactly which advertising campaigns yielded the best results. This provides your clients with a way to create more successful campaigns in the future.

And lead analytics tools like consumer profiles can provide even more in-depth caller insights. Your clients can get specific info on their callers, such as income range, dwelling type, home value range, education level, etc. This data helps businesses create advertising strategies that truly speak to people and bring in more incoming calls – and more sales.

Call Tracking with 800response

Whether your clients own and operate a small business or an enterprise, there are plenty of ways call tracking can help grow their business. With our real-time call tracking reports, your clients get the latest information on incoming callers. Give your clients access to their callers’ exact location, addresses and demographics, and when callers are most likely to contact their business so that they can measure and track campaign performance, and monitor the Customer Experience.

To get started, schedule a 15-minute demo.

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