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Hurricane Florence Customer Update


To all of our customers who are located in areas that may be affected by Hurricane Florence, please take a moment to read this.

First, we are thinking of you and your families and friends as you start to prepare for this storm. And we sincerely hope you and your loved ones stay safe.

In this difficult time, we know you may face many challenges. So we would like to offer our assistance to alleviate interruptions to your business in any way we can.

Temporary Changes to Your Toll-free Numbers with 800response due to Hurricane Florence.

We have two options to help you communicate with your customers:

  1. We can record and play a temporary outbound message on your toll-free numbers to inform your customers of alternative ways to reach you, or any message that you would like to relay to your customers.
  2. We can activate a temporary ring-to number change and direct your inbound callers to a new ring-to number/location that you provide.

Our technical and customer service teams are available to help make arrangements for one or both of these options.

To make changes, please contact our customer service department at 1-800-639-1650 between 8 am and 5:30 pm EST or email [email protected].

Everyone at 800response is sending you best wishes, and we will await your direction.

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