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Discover the True Value of a Call Tracking Solution

While there are many ways to contact a business, an incoming phone call is the most valuable lead source. Phone conversations are the most direct path to a sale after all. When someone calls your business, that person is most likely showing real interest in your products or services.

Phone calls give your agents a real opportunity to establish and build a solid relationship. And inbound phone calls increase by 25-50% when a memorable vanity number is the call-to-action, rather than a local or numeric toll-free number.

Each call contains a wealth of important information. And you can extract that information with call tracking. Read on to discover the true and often hidden value of call tracking.

Improve Advertising Strategies

Businesses invest a lot of time, effort, and money into their marketing campaigns, usually distributed among a variety of mediums. But how can they be sure which advertising strategies are getting the best results? While success in the past was mainly based on guesswork and luck, call tracking removes all ambiguity. With call tracking, you get valuable data on each call revealing which ad campaign led to that call.

Not only do businesses get a clearer view of their ROI, but they can also see which strategies are most fruitful. They can use this to make informed decisions, rather than continue to throw money into advertising that simply doesn’t work. It’s clear that call tracking is both a cost-efficient and profitable tool.

Acquire Detailed Caller Information

Another advantage call tracking provides is in-depth information on each and every caller, including not only facts such as their name and phone number but also their location, age, income, average house value, whether or not they are a first-time or repeat caller when they are most likely to call and much more. All of this gives businesses the opportunity to really gain a better understanding of their callers, and adjust their phone conversations and advertising choices accordingly. They may even be surprised by what they discover.

For instance, a business may market its product to a specific demographic but then find via call tracking that a completely different demographic is also expressing interest in said product. This business may want to rethink its advertising tactics. The more a business knows about the people making those inbound calls, the more everyone will benefit.

Provide Better Employee Training

Many call tracking solutions also come equipped with call recording and call monitoring features. Call monitoring is essential to businesses that are looking to improve the customer experience. Call data provides training opportunities and helps employees connect with customers. It also gives Sales Managers examples of effective ways to close a sale. It can also ensure script compliance and redact sensitive information in regulated industries.

And to achieve an even clearer view of customer conversations, many businesses are implementing a speech analytics solution. These solutions reveal trends and patterns and offer scorecards to evaluate both conversations and employee performance. Now managers can help agents handle each incoming call with proficiency, leading to more sales and more profits.

By acquiring information on every inbound call and presenting it in easy-to-read dashboard reports, call tracking allows businesses to obtain incredible insights into their marketing efforts, customers, and much more. Businesses that use a call tracking solution go beyond simply purporting the importance of phone calls; they see and apply the obtained data to truly reap the value each and every call brings.

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