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Call Tracking with Local 800 Numbers

Tracking the effectiveness of your ad campaigns is an essential part of getting the best return on your advertising investments. It’s also a key component of fine-tuning advertising strategies and media plans. Call tracking can help you choose the right stations, networks, newspapers, or markets to advertise in.

But how do you use call tracking with local 800 numbers? This post will tell you everything you need to get started.

Call Tracking Methods

There are several ways to track campaign performance, depending on the type of advertising you use and the call-to-action (CTA) in your ads. For example, if you run online ads, like pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns or banner ads, you can use unique toll-free numbers to track clicks and incoming calls. But, if you run traditional ads, like radio or billboard campaigns, you’ll want to use a more memorable phone number.

We’ve written endlessly about the benefits of vanity numbers. But the main reason advertisers choose vanity numbers is simple: writing down a phone number is not always an option when people are driving and listening to the radio or passing a billboard. The same goes for television ads – it’s better to use an unforgettable phone number, like a vanity 800 number (i.e. 1-800-NEW-WINDOWS, 1-800-NEW-ROOF, or 1-800-COOLING) simply because it’s easier to remember.

Vanity numbers also help build your brand awareness. If you advertise with 800-ROOF-PROS, for instance, you establish a reputation as a professional roofing business before customers even pick up the phone. What most advertisers don’t realize is that there are plenty of available vanity numbers in local markets. And it’s easy to track their performance as well!

Call Tracking Reports

Ad tracking with local vanity 800 numbers is easy to do if you have access to the right call tracking reports. Companies using vanity numbers from 800response have access to a wealth of customer and call data through online reports. Our call tracking reports provide powerful data on customers, such as addresses and demographics, so you can build a lead database. You can also develop promotions and campaigns based on a prospect’s profile.

The reports also show businesses when their phones are the busiest, so they can schedule staff accordingly. And they provide information on repeat callers and missed calls. Our missed call monitor feature sends an instant alert to a designated email address or cell phone number. This gives your business an opportunity to call that person back as soon as possible and potentially recover a lost lead.

Tracking Local 800 Numbers

There are so many benefits to tracking local 800 numbers using our call tracking reports. We can help you build stronger advertising and marketing strategies for your business, and improve your advertising ROI. You’ll look more professional, and the toll-free phone number and call tracking reports will do most of the work for you. A quick analysis is all you need to determine whether your current ad campaigns are performing and generating leads.

The best part is that all of our local and toll-free numbers come with call tracking. If you’re interested in securing a local 800 or vanity number through 800response, search our directory to find the right phone number for your business. Or simply request a free quote for any 800 number available in your local market.

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