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You Need Call Tracking if You’re in One of These 5 Industries

Around 80% of people still prefer to contact a business by phone, which means that call tracking is more crucial than ever. A toll-free or local tracking phone number provides businesses with vital data on every inbound call to help improve marketing efforts and the customer experience. And while all industries can benefit from a call tracking solution suite, these 5 industries can especially profit from it.

Home Improvement

The home improvement industry is highly competitive, and these businesses need an edge when acquiring customers. Using a call tracking number informs business owners on the best places and times to reach people with their ad campaigns for optimal results. And consumer profiles provide more in-depth data on callers to help businesses identify and market to their ideal customers, giving them a leg up on the competition.


Franchises (or any business with multiple locations) need to ensure that their customers reach the right location when they call. A call tracking solution with a geo-based call routing option can best achieve this goal. Geo-based routing consistently sends callers to the correct location accurately and seamlessly. Call tracking solutions also provide franchisees with visibility into peak caller times, allowing them to adjust staffing levels as necessary.


Strict regulatory criteria apply to most businesses in the finance sector. Call monitoring features help ensure that agents handle calls effectively and professionally. Call monitoring tools also ensure script compliance, improve agent coaching methods, and help agents deal with high-stress situations. Financial institutions may also choose to utilize consumer profiles to identify and market to high-value customers and inform business strategies.


One of the main goals of educational institutions is to boost enrollment. Call tracking reports provide essential information, such as addresses and demographics, for a 360° view of each caller. The data gleaned from this can then be used to improve marketing strategies to better reach prospective students. This ultimately leads to creating highly effective campaigns, which leads to higher admission rates.


Healthcare organizations make it a priority to provide patients with comprehensive care. That’s why call routing is essential to this industry. It ensures that patients in a crisis or emergency can quickly get the help they need. And call monitoring serves as the foundation for training agents to handle every call with both knowledge and empathy. Plus, missed call monitor alerts guarantee that unanswered patient calls are returned promptly in order to provide the necessary help in a timely manner.

These are just a few of the benefits call tracking can provide to these five industries. But call tracking can benefit any business with the ability to view call tracking data in easy-to-read reports and extract critical data to sync with existing CRM platforms. Call tracking is essential to gaining more high-quality leads and moving them quickly through the pipeline. And this results in the ultimate goal: more sales.

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