Jump At Great Available Vanity Numbers

Jump At The Great Available Vanity Numbers

Vanity phone numbers are going quickly. The reason? Because there are some that are simply too good to pass up. Companies need to have vanity numbers in order to have a place where customers are able to call in and place orders or ask questions.

Looking For The Right Number 

As it happens, the best thing that you can do in terms of these vanity numbers is to look at the available vanity numbers and select the ones that are easy to remember. Howstuffworks.com has an article talking about these vanity numbers, and they put great emphasis on the memorability of the number,

Much of the “sizzle” of toll-free numbers comes from getting a good vanity toll-free number. A vanity number can be a powerful marketing and branding tool. Some of the more well-known and effective vanity numbers are 1-800-FLOWERS, 1-800-GO-FED-EX, and 1-800-MICROSOFT.

As you can see, when a number is connected to the company that owns it, it becomes a much more valuable number.

First Come, First Serve

Part of the problem for some people is that once a vanity number is taken, it cannot be used by someone else. The number goes to one specific place, and it cannot be used by other companies. As such, it is important to purchase the vanity numbers that matter right now while there are still some available. The person who owns popular vanity numbers does not have to worry so much about what they are going to do to get customers to call in.

Centralize The Calls

A big bonus for vanity numbers is the fact that they allow for calls to be centralized to one number. This means that the data that comes in on those calls can be monitored and reviewed for information that may be possible to get from them. It is yet another way for business to gain insights about their customers that they did not have before.

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