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Create Lead-Gen Radio Advertising with Vanity 800 Numbers

According to a recent study, radio advertising reaches 77% of adults daily[1], beating out the internet at 64%, and coming in second only to television, and radio advertising with vanity 800 numbers gets 14x more calls than ads with a numeric phone number.

A large part of this is due to radio being more available than the internet, with people being able to listen to the radio virtually anywhere they go, whether in the car, at work, outside, or at home. Most stations even offer streaming options via mobile devices. And with over 10,000 traditional radio stations in the United States alone, there is virtually something to appeal to everyone. No wonder radio boasts an audience of approximately 235 million each week[1].

Many advertisers are taking advantage of radio’s formidable presence to appeal to consumers. And it’s not just local businesses; big time players such as Verizon, Home Depot, Walt Disney, and more are getting in on it. If you are thinking about joining them, here are some tips to help you get the most out of your campaign strategies by combining radio advertising with vanity 800 numbers.


Reach People Using Radio Advertising With Vanity 800 Numbers

As stated before, a wide array of options exist when it comes to radio stations, meaning radio amasses a huge, diverse weekly audience. But effective advertising is not so much about reaching many people, as it is about reaching the RIGHT people. You know the goods and services you offer, so you more than likely know the types of people who are likely to use them. Armed with this information, you can carefully select which stations will air your commercials, and at which times, for optimal results. For instance, is your product more geared toward people ages 35 and older?  Try advertising on a Top 40 or oldies station during drive times, when people are more likely to be listening to their radios on their way to and from work. More of a teenager or millennial-driven business? You’re probably better off putting your ads on an alternative or pop music station during early evening hours, when teens are more likely to be out with their friends or just relaxing at home.

When it comes to the call-to-action to showcase in your radio ads, it’s been shown that vanity 800 numbers like 800-NEW-CARS or 800-NEW-CARE and radio draw 14x more calls than radio ads with a numeric phone number, whether the phone number is local or toll-free. And, people of all ages are shown to recall unforgettable phone numbers, so using a vanity 800 phone number in ads to reach millennials or baby-boomers works either way!

It’s also good to make sure you are never simply making assumptions about your audiences. By utilizing tools such as call tracking services in conjunction with your incoming phone calls, you can obtain even more specific information on who is calling you and when, along with demographic information like average home values and household incomes. This may lead to some surprising discoveries about your presumed demographics, and will allow you to create even more successful advertising strategies in the future.


Make Sure People Remember You – Use Vanity 800 Phone Numbers

In 1885, Thomas Ebbinghaus discovered the Curve of Forgetfulness, which showed the average person tends to forget 75% of what they learn within the week[2]. This number goes up to 90% after three weeks, and 95% after four weeks[2]. And people’s powers of retention have gotten even worse in modern times, with so much more stimuli vying for attention in people’s brains. But the more people are reminded of something, the more likely it is to stay in their memories. This is why frequency of radio advertising is so important. Studies show that advertising that airs on radio often – or with frequency – are more apt to be recalled by their audiences. And radio advertising’s format and affordability makes it easy for even local businesses to get their names out there recurrently.

But once people remember you, the next (and perhaps most important) step is making sure they know how to reach you. The key to this piece of the puzzle is having a strong call-to-action. Some people may think it’s no longer relevant to showcase a phone number in their advertising, given that pushing consumers to a website has become common practice. But with most people today having an almost instant gratification mindset, they probably would not be too keen on having to go on a quest just to obtain some contact information. So how do we reconcile this little conundrum? By using a phone number that people WILL remember. Using an unforgettable vanity number in your advertising not only sets you apart from your competitors and makes you come across as more professional, but studies show it is recalled far more easily by people than a standard numeric number or even a URL, 25-50% more often in fact.

When people remember your ads, they will also remember the best way to get in touch with you, and you can watch the calls start coming in.

Strategy, frequency, and a clear call-to-action are all boons when it comes to radio advertising. And radio can also be a potent tool when used in a mixed advertising strategy. In fact, radio advertising has been proven to enhance awareness of goods and services that are also advertised on television. See how the power of radio can benefit your business today!

Check out these examples of radio advertising with vanity 800 numbers!

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