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Why OOH Ads Works Better with a Vanity Phone Number

Whether it’s commuting to work, enjoying the summer weather, or simply trying to catch another Pokémon, it seems like more people are spending their time out of their homes these days than ever before.  And businesses are taking advantage of this growing trend by implementing more Out of Home (OOH) advertising in their marketing campaigns.  This strategy has proven to be astute, since a report from the Outdoor Advertising Association of America shows OOH advertising’s reach among adults ages 18 to 64 is a remarkable 99%, more than any other medium[1].  OOH also works in tandem with mobile phones; since most people who see outdoor advertisements have their mobile phones with them, they are motivated to automatically do more research on an ad they find intriguing.  In fact, OOH connects with consumers in the same half hour as 42% of online shopping, and 23% of online mobile activity in general[1].

No wonder the marketing world is seeing the inherent value of OOH advertising.  But why not take it up from a 10 to an 11?  Adding an 800 vanity phone number to Out of Home ads can boost even more response in the following ways:

Infographic OUTDOOR for WebVanity Phone Number Makes OOH Ads Easier to Remember

Sometimes people are not always able to take the time to look up something they see in an outdoor ad online.  People driving, for instance, probably are not going to pull out their phones in rush hour traffic to find out more about an advertisement for a new roof (or at least, they shouldn’t).  This is why advertisements should always have an easy way for people to remember how to reach them, even long after they’ve seen the ad.  Studies show 65% consumers could recall a vanity 800 number in ads, compared to 69% of consumers who were unable to recall a numeric phone number. After all, what would you be more likely to remember:  1-800-639-7663 or 1-800-NEW-ROOF?

Get Better Leads Inbound Leads with a Vanity Phone Number

With all the options available to consumers to reach businesses today, it may be surprising to learn the phone is still the preferred means of communication.  But it’s true:  Most consumers crave the human interaction they get from a phone conversation they just can’t get from online communication.  They want to be able to talk to a real person, not just fill out an online form.  And any successful business knows one of the most important parts of making a sale is establishing a strong relationship with a customer, which can only be done through a real, live conversation.  Once people call a business, they want to speak to someone; they want to build that relationship.  An unforgettable vanity number helps guarantee a company will get even more of these valuable leads.

With Out of Home advertising having such an impressive reach, businesses need ways to make their ads impactful both when people first see them and long afterwards.  A vanity 800 number is an easy-to-recall and effective call-to-action.  Out of Home advertising is strong; with a vanity 800 number, it can be even stronger.