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Print Advertising Isn’t Going Away Anytime Soon

The past 10 years have been a bit of an uphill climb for print advertising, but its perseverance has paid off. Print advertising has found solid footing again, even among the rising presence of online advertising. And those who make print advertising part of their marketing strategies are seeing real results. Here’s how print advertising offers real advantages over online ads.

More Extensive and Better Targeted Reach

While online advertising can be viewed by many people at once, print advertising guarantees your ads also reach the RIGHT people. Newspapers and direct mailings are ideal for reaching those in a specific geographic area, which is especially good for smaller businesses that are looking to establish recognition in their communities. Plus, people often look through newspapers for ads on sales and deals in their area.

Magazines, on the other hand, tend to have a wider distribution, but they are also geared toward more niche audiences and industries. There’s a magazine for virtually any and every interest and hobby out there, so businesses are sure to find the right one to promote their goods and services. And since newspapers and magazines are often shared with and read by other people besides the subscribers themselves, it makes the reach that much wider.

Print advertising can be placed and distributed in accordance with the most specific demographics, and businesses that utilize tools such as call tracking can attain even greater knowledge about their audiences.

Stronger Engagement and Recall

Studies show when people read a printed ad, they are more engaged and focused than when they read something on a screen. This is understandable, as our online devices permit/force us to multitask, dividing our attention between many different things at once. However, print advertising is designed so a person has to focus solely on it, so people tend to read them more slowly and with more deliberation.

Plus, print advertising has a rich history, which has garnered a respectable and trustworthy reputation, and people, therefore, tend to associate this reputation with the products that are being advertised. All of this means print advertising is received on a much deeper level and is far easier to recall, thus making it more impactful than online advertising.

And businesses can strengthen recall of their advertising even more by using a strong call-to-action tool like an unforgettable vanity phone number, which provides customers with an easy-to-remember way to contact them.

Print advertising’s formidable reach and engagement properties continue to make it a strong player in the marketing arena. The digital market is becoming oversaturated, and print advertising is the perfect way to cut through the mire and make sure your message is being seen. Let print help you connect with your customers today!

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