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Call Tracking Data Security

Call monitoring provides a host of potential benefits on which business owners can capitalize. You can use speech analytics to identify keywords and phrases that motivate consumers to contact your business and make a purchase. You can also identify the specific advertisements that inspire people to reach out to you, the times your business receives most of its inbound calls, where consumers are calling from, and much, much more.

This information can help you fine-tune your marketing campaign, adjust your schedule to ensure your call center is appropriately staffed, and close more sales in the long run. While these are significant benefits, the key to tracking calls effectively is making sure you work with a company that has a secure call tracking system.

Is Call Tracking Secure?

If you’ve wondered whether call tracking is secure, you may be hoping for a one-word answer that either confirms or disputes that it’s safe. While that would be ideal, the truth is that call tracking is only as secure as the call tracking tools and service provider you use.

If you’re using call tracking numbers to gather vital information to help your business reach the next level of success, it’s critical for you to work with a service provider that has ample call tracking security measures in place. Some of the security measures you should look for include:

  • Data Encryption: Data encryption is an important part of any call tracking security system. It’s not just the data you’re actively using that needs to be encrypted — even data on the back burner is at risk of being hacked, so this information should be protected, as well. In short, a service provider should be able to encrypt all your call data, including your call recordings, transcriptions and log files.
  • Secure, Limited Access: Your employees should have to log in whenever they access your company’s call tracking system, and you should be able to designate the level of access each one of your call center representatives has to the information and tools your call tracking system offers. Your system administrators should also be able to restrict employees at certain levels from seeing sensitive data by limiting their access to information in certain fields.

Similarly, the notifications a call tracking security system sends out should be customizable so certain information isn’t widely distributed. The security system should also alert you whenever a recording or other information is accessed or changed, and identify who reviewed or modified the sensitive information.

  • Identify Common Scam Numbers: A call tracking security system should be able to identify suspicious call patterns and common scam numbers so you can manage these calls appropriately, as well.

Contact 800response

As a leading provider of true 800 numbers, 800response has the latest security measures in place to protect your call tracking data. To learn more about the advanced security measures we use to protect data for small, medium, and large businesses across industries, contact us today. We’ll be happy to answer your questions and explain our security tactics at length. Give us a call at 1-800-NEW-SALE, or contact us online now.

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