Proof That Vanity Numbers Get More Leads

Proof That Vanity Numbers Work in Advertising to Get More Leads

If you use radio to advertise your business, then you know you have just seconds to make an impression and deliver your message.  So, giving the listeners something that will make an impression, something they will remember, is imperative to a successful radio campaign.

Research has uncovered that radio listeners recall words, like a vanity 800 number, much easier than a string of ten digits.  Therefore, including a vanity 800 number from 800response in your radio ads is the only solution if you want to reach your audience, and get them to remember you.

Proof – Radio Advertising & Vanity 800 Numbers:
Radio ads featuring a Custom 800 number yield 58% more calls than an identical ad with a numeric toll-free.
Almost 60% of study subjects recall a Custom 800 number after hearing an ad just one time.

The same goes for Out-of-home (OOH) or outdoor/visual advertising.  The time you have to make an impression is limited.

Proof – Outdoor Advertising & Vanity 800 Numbers:
65% of survey respondents were able to correctly recall the vanity 800 number that was featured in a visual advertisement.
Only 31% of the respondents could correctly recall the numeric toll-free number in a visual advertisement. The majority, 69%, could NOT correctly recall the numeric phone number.

Make sure you are leveraging the power of a vanity 800 number by featuring one in all of your campaigns!