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The Proven Value of Direct Mail Advertising

With the many advertising options available to businesses these days, using direct mail advertising may seem old-fashioned and ineffectual. But the truth is that direct mail advertising holds more than its own against other newer, flashier methods. In fact, not only is direct mail marketing a $44.2 billion industry, but studies show that companies that spent just $167 on direct mail in their marketing strategies saw a sales average of $2,095 in 2017.

Direct mail has a 5.1% potential response rate, compared to just 2% for digital. And there is also a 75% brand recall for brand advertising for direct mail advertising, whereas digital’s brand recall is 44%. A large part of direct mail advertising’s success is the simple fact that people actually look at it. Unlike the 20-30% of emails that are opened, 80 to 90% of direct mail is opened and reviewed.

One reason for this is that people are more familiar with direct mail, and trust it more than e-promos. And research shows people appreciate a more tactile experience. So the information is in their head, making it easier for them to remember it later on.

Clearly direct mail is a powerful tool to have in your advertising arsenal. If you are considering making direct mail a part of your marketing strategy, here are some tips to ensure you get the absolute most out of your efforts:

Integrate with Different Channels

When it comes to marketing, research shows 90% of customers want businesses to use multiple channels to connect with them. A multi-channel approach will not only keep a business at the top of customers’ minds, but using just two channels increases customer value by 20 to 60%. This is where direct mail and digital can work together. One company discovered a direct mail-digital collaboration helped boost website visits by 35%, and another study reveal direct mail working with digital has a 28% higher conversion rate.

Target the Right People

As with any marketing tool, it’s best to utilize direct mail advertising if you’re targeting the right people. While it is possible to purchase a list of prospects, using a call tracking number in your advertising is a more effective tool. Call tracking provides detailed information beyond geography on all incoming callers, allowing businesses to create more personalized campaigns that really connect with customers. In fact, just using a person’s full name can boost the response rate by 135%.

Direct mail advertising is a great way to promote new businesses, establishing and nurturing long-term relationships with customers. You can also use it to reestablish relationships with lost customers. And since direct mail has such a high response rate, using a strong call to action, such as a vanity number, is important to help people reach your business at any time. When it comes to results, direct mail advertising really delivers!

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