Speech Analytics Accentuates the Positive, Eliminates the Negative

Speech Analytics Accentuates the Positive, Eliminates the Negative

In the words of Johnny Mercer and The Pied Pipers…”you gotta, accentuate the positive, eliminate the negative.”  We’ll skip over the part where he sings “don’t mess with Mr. In Between” because when dealing with analysis of the conversations taking place between your employees and your customers, it is essential to mess with the in between as well, meaning all recorded phone calls.

Speech Analytics technology has been around for several years now, though businesses are still slowly gravitating to the automated solution for analyzing business calls. For many years, and still to a pretty big degree, call centers – internal our outsourced – have been analyzing calls manually by listening in and analyzing their real-time, and in some cases recorded, conversations with their customers. And while we’re all aware that call center conversations are monitored for quality purposes, speech analytics will take a conversation and analyze it through software; therefore automatically and in real-time.

Just as much as keywords are crucial to the world of SEO in digital marketing, scoping out certain words and phrases in business phone calls is just as crucial to avoid negative situations, customer cancellations, and other bad word-of-mouth potential situation.

Eliminate The Key Negative

If you’re looking for a way to improve the customer experience, as a result of eliminating poor employee habits, attitudes, or training, then you need to consider using an automated speech analytics solution to help.

It also scans for other common words or phrases that could be potentially negative. Words relating to billing or having to call back can be analyzed to help shape a better customer service experience. But how can that better customer service experience be done in the immediate term?

Develop Targeted Employee Tracking and Training Programs with Speech Analytics

If the audio mining software manages to catch far too many employees not knowing the answer to something, targeted training can be done immediately to add that knowledge. It’s a more effective training method because it eliminates weeks of training time and hones in on what needs fixing so it never happens again. The point is to improve the first call experience where your company has the best chance of making a strong impression.

Consider 800response’s speech analytics product as the solution you need to provide the most affordable, simple way to access insights on your employees and your customers.  We’re unique because we provide this call analysis service to the small to mid-sized market, we use phonetic search technology, and we provide excellent one-on-one training and development support throughout the discovery and implementation process. Contact us to take a free demo of CallFinder today.