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Why Television Advertising is Still a Must Have

This year, top advertisers recently placed upfront orders for prime-time TV spots on both cable and broadcast networks totally 19.7 billion dollars – a 5.9% increase over last year’s spend [1].  Surprised?

You might be if you have been hearing the seemingly endless message that TV advertising is being pushed aside for digital, as the platforms through which people can consume media continue to increase. But successful advertisers continue to recognize the benefits of utilizing TV in their marketing strategies. Benefits like these:

People Pay More Attention to TV Ads

The mobility of new media options means the average adult consumers an extra hour of media every day [2]. However, a study revealed that 84% of people who watch television are more likely to pay attention to the entirety of the ads aired, as opposed to just 17 to 29% of those viewing advertisements on PCs, Smartphones, and laptops [3]. This discrepancy is based on the fact that people tend to engage more with TV ads than digital, and can connect with them on a more emotional level.

This is an important distinction, as today’s consumers are more likely to make a purchase based on emotion, not rationale. TV advertising can draw more people in and be more effective than any digital advertisement. And a strong call to action such as a memorable vanity number makes it even more effective.

TV Advertising Allows for More Precise Tracking

Many advertisers doubt the viability of new digital media, as the task of measuring online advertising’s effectiveness is problematic since it cannot be accurately tracked. Also, with the randomness of online advertising’s placement, it is difficult to ensure the right people are being reached. Television provides more control over when and where their commercials are shown, helping to better reach their intended audiences.

And featuring an unforgettable vanity number with call tracking capabilities in these ads can provide even more accurate results, since it helps reveal not only who is seeing the ad, but who is taking action. Call tracking garners more exact information on callers, and can help TV ads achieve the best placement by using real data. Remember: ad placement should be based on proof, not assumptions.

When done well, TV ads can attract attention, trigger an emotional response, be memorable, and inspire action. With these proven traits, it’s no wonder businesses continue to use TV advertising to promote their brands and services. Even smaller businesses can reap its benefits, as many local ad departments have low-cost options.

They can also help with ad creative and determine what is most likely to appeal to local audiences. Be sure to take advantage of television advertising in your next campaign!





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