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Why a Vanity 800 Number is Right for Any Business

In order for a business to become successful, the goal is simple: make more sales.  And in order to make more sales, you need consumers to find and reach out to you.  How do you accomplish this task?  With advertising, of course.  It all seems so straightforward, but actually reaching this goal can prove to be far more difficult, especially with more market competition than ever these days.  You must make sure your advertising is standing out and sticking in people’s minds.

You could try increasing the amount of advertisements you run, turning it into a numbers game to improve your odds.  However, you may discover you do not have the budget (or time) to invest in such a large undertaking.  Not to worry, because the true key to successful advertising for any business is quality, not quantity.  And you can create a quality marketing campaign by using tools proven to increase ad response – tools like an unforgettable vanity 800 phone number.


Featuring a memorable vanity 800 number in your traditional advertising can greatly increase response rates.  In fact, studies show using a vanity 800 number can deliver a marked increase in quality inbound leads over a local or standard toll-free number. This is because vanity 800 numbers are far easier for people to remember.  Also, the majority of companies believe a phone lead is more valuable than a lead that comes in through the web.

Check out this short video to discover even more ways an unforgettable vanity 800 number can do wonders for your business:  Vanity 800 Numbers & Call Tracking

When you are ready for a vanity number to use in your ad campaigns, visit the 800response directory to search for keywords relevant to your company.  You can also call 1-800-NEW-SALE and have one of our friendly and knowledgeable account managers help you find the perfect number.  Plus, when you get a vanity number from 800response, you also get access to call tracking, call monitoring, and other tools to ensure your advertising efforts are always profitable.

We have helped thousands of businesses in all types of industries achieve more sales with unforgettable vanity numbers for over 25 years.  Why not see what we can do for you?