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Traditional Advertising Trends for 2019

A new year has begun, and businesses across the country are looking for creative ways to increase revenue. Traditional advertising is often looked over, but there are many reasons to consider traditional ads. Studies show 35% of companies are planning to boost their ad spend in 2019, with nearly half intending to increase their ad allocation for traditional marketing mediums, such as radio and television. If you’re creating your marketing strategies for the new year, these traditional advertising trends will influence your success in 2019.

Data-Driven Marketing Will Become Vital

With so many ways to consume media, data-driven advertising is more crucial than ever. But ensuring your ads reach the right demographics must go beyond Nielsen ratings and website hits, which can offer vague and often inaccurate data. Instead, focus on obtaining more precise and detailed information for a more well-rounded understanding of your customers. Using easy-to-remember phone numbers with call tracking capabilities in your ads is one way to do this. Access to consumer profiles provides detailed information about your callers to help you target your ads.

Once you have a better understanding of your audience, you can easily determine when and where to run ads. Start by creating more personalized ads. Consumers love it when they feel as if you’re speaking directly to them. It makes them feel as though your company understands exactly what they want. This personal touch is one of the reasons data-driven direct mail campaigns perform so well, with a potential 5% response rate compared to .7% for email campaigns. The more data you can obtain about your potential customers, the more successful your ad campaigns will be.

New Technology Will (and Must) Be Embraced

Although traditional and digital methods of advertising are often pitted against one another, it doesn’t mean they can’t work together. In fact, doing so is essential to their survival. For instance, television advertising can benefit greatly from using social media. Studies show people still spend over 5 hours a day watching live TV. Binge watching Netflix or Hulu may be another trend, but think of all the people who watch the Super Bowl or the Oscars.

In fact, 80% of social media activity during prime time is centered on television content. Take advantage of this and create advertising that will make people want to take action, both online and off. Advertisers are also using today’s technology to formulate ads that are more innovative, such as Out of Home Advertising. This is one of the newest advertising trends that utilized digital technology to go beyond the stationary billboards of yesterday to create ads that are both active and interactive. These new digital ads re proving to be far more enticing to consumers. As technology continues to develop, traditional advertising must integrate the newest technology.

It’s an exciting time for advertising, with new ways to reach and understand customers popping up in the most unexpected places. Take advantage of these advertising trends and make sure the new year is a successful one!

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