Call Recording to Improve Customer Service

Utilize Call Recording to Elevate Your Customer Service

Using call recording can prove to be invaluable in employee training. Recording calls allows you to build a hard and fast data base with which to compare and audit the level of customer service being given by employees. Access to examples of calls allows trainers to demonstrate what good and bad calls sound like. They can also help employees fine tune their performance to fit the company’s needs; whether they be basic compliance, sales techniques, or subtle facets like tone and empathy.

Lacking recorded calls makes it difficult to really define the difference between good and bad calls. Agents in a classroom often find it hard to understand what exactly they should be saying to clients, how they should phrase their pitches or responses and in what tone, if they don’t have examples to follow.

In the event that a manager or trainer decides to take on one on one training and evaluation, and they do so without the benefits of call recording, they run the risk of disagreements perhaps even arguments, because they won’t have hard evidence as to why a particular call was unsuccessful. In some cases, the employee may feel that the manager or trainer is being subjective, making it hard for supervisors to enforce standards and possibly, under extreme circumstances, lead the employee to believe he/she is being bullied.

Don’t overlook the vast benefits of call recording in training and supervising. To utilize this service to its fullest, contact us today and let us help you bring your customer service to the next level.



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