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Common Misperceptions About Vanity 800 Numbers

Advertising with Vanity 800 Numbers

Are you hesitant to use vanity 800 numbers in your advertising because you think they are no longer relevant? Or do you think adding vanity numbers to your marketing mix is too much of an investment in time and money? If you answered yes to either question, you’re one of the many people who share common misperceptions about vanity 800 numbers.

But that’s okay, because we’re here to give you the inside scoop on using vanity numbers for your business. If you’re considering a toll-free or vanity 800 number for your advertising efforts, don’t let these common misperceptions deter you from reaping the benefits of vanity numbers.

Most Common Questions About Vanity 800 Numbers

Do I need a new phone system if I switch to a vanity number?

Nope! Vanity 800 numbers are simply call forwarding phone numbers. You tell us where you want us to ring the number to – whether that is your sales line, receptionist, sales team, cell phone, etc. – and you don’t need to change a thing. Your internal phone system can stay exactly the same.

What about the number I’ve been advertising with for years?

You don’t need to get rid of or change the number you’ve been using (and customers likely know by heart) for years. We simply forward the vanity number you choose directly to any line you designate.

Will customers think I’m not local if I use a vanity toll-free number?

Not to worry. Vanity 800 numbers are designed for clients who only advertise locally and regionally. In fact, when introduced into traditional advertising campaigns, vanity numbers are dialed at a much higher rate than traditional local phone numbers that do not spell anything.

Are vanity numbers longer than 7 digits still effective?

Absolutely! You’ve probably seen numbers like 800-PROGRESSIVE, 800–NEXT-WINDOW, 888-ALL-STATE, 800-SLEEP-NUMBER, 844-2-LIBERTY, etc. These numbers are just as effective as shorter numbers like 800-NEW-HOME or 800-NEW-SALE, and you can have as many letters as you need. They all work the same!

Vanity 800 Numbers with 800response

We get a lot of calls from business owners who think that changing their number will be a lot of work. But in fact, it is easy with 800response. When you’re deciding on a new number, keep the following in mind:

  1. You do not need to make any changes to your existing phone system
  2. You do not need to change your existing customer service phone numbers
  3. All you need to do let us help you find the number you need/want to make your campaigns successful

When you work with a toll-free service provider like 800response, we walk you through every step of the process. All you need to do is tell us the toll-free number you want, and where sales calls should go (meaning which phone number within your business should ring when someone dials the toll-free number). Then we take care of the rest using our advanced call routing technology.

What You Need to Know About Call Routing for Vanity 800 Numbers

Geo call routing makes it possible to switch to any vanity number. With 800response, there are many plans to manage call routing for incoming phone calls on your toll-free number. Technical experts will work with you to determine which solution is most effective for the size of your business, based on the number of locations you have, and other factors that may influence how you want to handle incoming phone calls.

Most, but not all, providers will also work with you to develop custom routing options to accommodate specialized needs. Here are a few of the call routing options that we offer to make the caller experience what you want it to be.

  • Closest Location
  • Call Prompt
  • Call Percentage Allocator
  • Zip Code
  • Exchange

Ready to Find Your Perfect Vanity Number?

If you’re ready to get more leads and more sales with a vanity number, we have the best selection of vanity numbers in the U.S. and Canada!

Click the button below to search our number directory for the perfect vanity number for your business. Or contact us to request a free quote, and we’ll help you find a number.

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