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A Vanity Number Means Confusion-Free Calling

Telephone companies distribute phone numbers through a numbering scheme known as a telephone numbering plan. To subdivide phone numbers by geographic area, a three digit area code is added which also increases the amount of number combinations available.

As adoption of the telephone progressed, the need for area codes increased as more and more people were requesting phone numbers.

Area codes were first introduced in the US in 1947, in large cities. Distribution was initially done based on the phone call volume of specific geographic areas. Later this expanded to separate phone numbers by states and even subsections of states. Traditionally, callers used to be able to only dial a seven digit phone number when calling another number in the same area code area. However, this has changed over the past decade or so as the massive adoption of cell phones drastically reduced the amount of available phone numbers.

Now as most phone calls need to be completed by dialing the full ten-digit number (even if dialed within the same area code), it has become increasingly difficult to remember multiple phone numbers. A vanity number makes it easy for customers and potential customers to remember your contact information and dial in.

Here are two ways a vanity number can provide confusion-free calling:

Eliminates the Need to Remember Area Code

A vanity number completely eliminates the need for those dialing in to have to remember your business’s area code. Not only does a vanity number have easy to remember words or phrases replacing the last seven digits, but as a toll-free number, there is no dedicated area code. On top of that, toll-free numbers such as 1-800 have incredibly high recall rates. So if a company implements a vanity number, they are creating a simple and memorable way for their customers (and future customers) to connect.

Provides Free Calls Across Different Area Codes

Most of the major phone companies provide local and long-distance calling. Plus many users have switched to voice over IP (VoIP) plans through their cable and internet providers or a third party which also have long-distance calling included. However, there are still many phone plans that charge for long-distance calls or calls outside of a specific area code. When you add a vanity phone number to your business, you are telling your customers that no matter where they are calling from, they can reach you without incurring any charges on their end.

In this day and age, businesses constantly battle their competitors to bring in customers. With so much competition, companies need to create simple and direct channels for inbound communication. A vanity phone number is a memorable and simplified way for people to dial in, all the while helping your business stand out from the competition.