Vanity Numbers For Christmas

Vanity Numbers For Christmas

Are you wondering what to buy your daughter and son-in-law for Christmas? They just opened a business, so their budget is stretched. They could use several things. You worry about the new business and wish you could help.

You can!!!!!! You can help grow their new business and give them the perfect Christmas present. Have you heard about vanity numbers? It is a phone number that uses words to represent the numbers. People remember words better than numbers, and people remember businesses that have a phone number with words. Why? It’s association, it’s how our brains work.

What does this have to do with their new business? You could buy them a vanity number for Christmas, help them out by paying for a year or two. Then they will have a phone number that people remember. This will mean more business, and you have contributed to their business. Can you imagine the excitement of more phone calls, more sales, and watching them succeed in this new business?

Still not sure, then contact us and let’s have a conversation. We will give you information about how to choose vanity numbers and why people remember these numbers. We will talk about being sure the vanity number represents the business so there is that association. We will also talk about how using a vanity number increases ROI, so not only will their new business investment be positively affected, but so will your investment in their business by getting them a vanity number for Christmas.