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Vanity Telephone Number Facts

Vanity telephone numbers are in the news! Businesses are asking why they should get a vanity telephone number. Is it worth the cost? Yes! Here is why every business should have a vanity telephone number:

  • 90% of Americans report they use toll free numbers to call businesses – that’s the vast majority of people, so that tells every business that people prefer to use vanity numbers when calling a business
  • 58% of magazine advertisements contain a vanity telephone number as part of the marketing and 24% of television commercials – so, a small majority of advertisements have a vanity number which means only 58% of the magazine advertisements and 24% of the television commercials are reaching that 90% who use toll free numbers.
  • The Chicago Tribune conducted a survey and found that businesses that use an 800 vanity number had 10 times the response rate when compared to businesses using a regular telephone number – that should get the attention of every business that wants to earn more money

Wow, put all three of those statistics together, and it seems that a business that uses an 800 vanity number is preferred by the vast majority of people and has a significantly increased return on investment. Yet, the vast majority of businesses are not taking advantage of using vanity numbers! Why not? We aren’t sure since it’s easy and obviously is beneficial for every business.

We’d like to hear from you and find out why you are or are not using an 800 vanity number. Just contact us, and let’s talk about your business and vanity numbers.