Vanity Telephone Numbers: Call Us

Vanity Telephone Numbers: Call Us

Vanity telephone numbers are the easiest way to say “call us” and not expect the customer to remember a telephone number. Customers are more likely to remember a word as a number, than a list of numbers. Some research tells us that individuals can only remember a list of four numbers. That is one reason we have the dash in telephone numbers. It allows individuals to remember a number of blocks of numbers.

However, people remember words longer than four letters. So, if you make your telephone number 800 plus a seven letter word, the odds are much greater that people will remember. Not sure about that? Ask friends if they can remember a seven letter word or a seven digit number. You will find that research is right – people will remember the word better than the number.

So, now is the job of choosing your number/word. You want it to represent your company, yet be easy to remember. You want it to be so easy to remember individuals can hear it on the radio and remember it later when they have time to call.

What are some tips on choosing that vanity number?

  1. Have options. You might want your vanity number to say FIX CARS. Yet, that number might already be taken, not as a vanity number. So, have several options ready.
  2. Choose words that relate to your business, but they do not have to be the name of your business. You might have to abbreviate, or ask customers for words they think of about your business.
  3. Put your vanity number everywhere so people recognize it. Once you have that perfect number, use it on all your marketing.

Intrigued about how vanity numbers can work for your business? Just contact us today and we will gladly talk with you.



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