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Vanity Telephone Numbers: Good Business

Why are vanity telephone numbers good business? Don’t rely on what we think, rely on what major marketing companies report.

Target Marketing advocates adopting a balanced marketing approach. In other words, don’t rely on the Internet, and don’t rely on the phone. the Internet is good for business and you need a working website. However, when Google changes are websites are rated, your business website could become less visible. You need a balance of two or three marketing approaches as a good business strategy.

Statistics tell us that a vanity number generates a 30 percent or more higher response rate than no vanity number. That sounds like good business! Increase the response rate of customers with a vanity telephone number. Why this increase? People recall and remember vanity numbers more often than other phone numbers. Look at 800-FLOWERS or 800-HURTNOW. How easy are those to remember? Much easier than 800-356-9377. Use what we know about the brain and remembering as good business.

We also learn through research studies that product sales over a telephone are more likely to sell more than the customer planned. On the Internet, it is easy for customers to order one thing and stop. Over the phone, a trained employee can talk with customers about other options and odds are favorable that the customer will purchase more. The Internet also tends to give customers options to purchase a product – even Amazon lists alternate sites to purchase products. Phone conversations are about your business, and only your business.

Ready to have a balanced marketing approach for good business? Just contact us and let’s talk about your new vanity number.



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