Vanity Telephone Numbers Put The Customer First

Vanity Telephone Numbers Put The Customer First

One of the most important aspects of good customer service is demonstrating to the customer that you’re putting their needs first. Vanity telephone numbers offer you the chance to do that before the customer even contacts your business. Using a telephone number that the customer can easily remember increases the chance that they will pick up the phone and call you. But it also shows them that you care enough about serving them to give them an easy number to remember.

Competitive Edge

Competition for customers is growing every day. Research shows that those businesses who use a vanity number can increase their customer response by as much as 50%. That’s an incredible statistic! The best way to engage a customer is over the telephone. Phone calls give you a way to personally interact with your customers that other ways of communication–like email and social media–just don’t offer.

Customer Reassurance

It’s incredible how much placing a phone call to a business has changed in recent years. Only a decade ago, when a customer placed a call to a company, a real person would pick up the phone and answer their questions. Today, phone calls are routed to different countries and not all of them are free. Many companies even charge to answer basic questions. A vanity number gives you the ability to reassure your customers. They’ll know exactly where they’re calling, and even if they have to wait on hold, they won’t have to worry that the phone call will cost them anything. These types of reassurances place your business in a very favorable light with them.

If you’ve been putting off using a vanity telephone number for your business, there’s never been a better time to implement one than now. Contact us today and show your customers that you’re a business who is focused on putting their needs first, and watch how your sales take off!