You're So Vain-ity Telephone Numbers

You’re So Vain-ity Telephone Numbers

It’s been a mystery for decades now. Originally released as a hit single in November of 1972, Carly Simon wrote this timeless piece and the subject of it’s lyrics have been debated ever since. Some suggested Mick Jagger. Other references point to Warren Beatty and even David Bowie. More educated speculation points to the song being about a collaboration of individuals. After all, we’re all at least a little vain. Why not embrace it? After all, what’s wrong with having a license plate that reads something like: “IM2Sexy”?

License plates are great for a little personalization of who we are, but what about turning something memorable like this into part of a business model? Vanity telephone numbers are a great way to turn your advertising into something people will remember. Let’s face it: The older we get, the harder it is to remember things. Make it easier on your potential customer base to remember who you are by featuring a vanity telephone number. It’s much easier to remember 1-800-NEW-LOAN if you need a mortgage broker than it is to remember 1-800-639-5626. There’s just too much to remember with today’s busy lifestyles.

In addition to being memorable and providing you with a sense of personalization in your business, vanity 800 numbers can provide you with the following as well:

  • 25-50% increase in response rates
  • Toll free gives you the bill instead of your customer
  • Eliminate the confusion of new area codes
  • Having an 800 number provides the association of prestige to your business

Go ahead and take the plunge into a vanity telephone number for your business. There will be no mystery as to what you are selling, or what services you provide, and you’ll be more memorable than your competition.

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