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Home Improvement Company Tests and Tracks Advertising with Vanity 800 Number

Client: General Manager – Upstate NY

Background: This company has been in the home improvement business for many years. The General Manager sees inherent value in cohesively branding his business through all his marketing materials and advertising campaigns.

Challenge: Advertise various home improvement services in many different advertising media while tracking which forms of advertising generate leads most effectively.

Solution: Use 1-800-NEW-BASEMENT in multiple forms of advertising to test advertising response rates and capture caller information.

Results: The home improvement business uses 1-800-NEW-BASEMENT in television advertising, direct mail and trade show marketing materials. The number is also featured on all of their trucks as a form of outdoor advertising. By using the vanity number in all of their marketing communications, the General Manager of the company knows this is further branding his business.

“I am 100% committed to using 1-800-NEW-BASEMENT in all advertising we do because we’ve had such success since we activated the number eighteen months ago.”

The GM had been using a plain numeric 800 in his advertising however the volume of incoming calls and leads was low. “After activating a vanity number our incoming calls increased because people remembered the number from our advertising and called us even after our commercials stopped airing.”

He also noticed they were receiving many calls during off-business hours – late nights and weekends. To capture those leads and sales he uses the detailed Call Tracking reports to retrieve the phone numbers of those callers for his sales team to follow up with those leads. Having this information gives him and his team the ability to “chase” sales and close more deals, and recapture otherwise lost leads.

The basement remodeling company continues to expand their business into other geographical regions, including CT, MA, NJ and NC. As they expand they continue using 1-800-NEW-BASEMENT in their local advertising, as well as in these new markets, because it has proven to be successful for them in branding their business and generating more calls and more profits. Additionally, as they develop their range of renovation services to attics and interior rooms, they have activated and plan to use 1-800-NEW-ROOM to feature in their advertising of these services as a direct response mechanism.

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