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Vanity 800 Number Sends Call Volume Sky-High for Massachusetts Roofing Contractor

Client: Office Manager – Western MA

Background: Third generation roofing company has over 60 years of family experience. They are a certified GAF Master Elite roofing contractor – an honor held by only 2% of all roofing contractors.

Challenge: Make the roofing contractor stand out in a highly competitive market and drive customers to the phone.

Solution: The company began using 1-800-NEW-ROOF.

Results: “We ramped up from 17 calls per month to a peak of 766 calls per month, with average calls per month at 389,” reports the company’s Office Manager.

She goes on to explain that the phone plays a crucial role in the company’s business and that their vanity 800 number has made an incredible difference in call volume and customer recall. “Phone calls are very important,” she says, “When we answer the phones, we answer ‘1-800-NEW-ROOF,’ and we use a vanity number in all our advertising so that customers will remember the number to call. We have some walk-ins and a few customers contact us via our Web site (, but most of our business is call-ins.”

Like many businesses that choose a vanity 800 number, we chose to incorporate the number into all facets of marketing and advertising. As the Office Manager pointed out earlier, phones are answered using 1-800-NEW-ROOF and the company has adopted their vanity 800 number for use as a Web address as well.

She says their 800 vanity number “works great” in all types of advertising, explaining, “We use it consistently, whether TV, radio, newspaper, Yellow Pages, flyers, coupons or on our trucks. The owner has been on HGTV® and the sports channel as well, and 1-800-NEW-ROOF is always mentioned. We’ve done a radio jingle with the number in it, too.”

For the roofing company the responses prove that using a vanity 800 number have paid off. The Office Manager comments that there has definitely been a sales increase due to the number, and according to the company owner, 1-800-NEW-ROOF has “probably doubled” their sales.

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