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Reproductive Health Center Helps More Families by Featuring 1-800-NEW-DREAM in Ad Campaigns

Client: Reproductive Clinic & Advertising Agency – Southeast

Background: An advertising agency has been working with a leading fertility center on the East Coast for eight years. Before bringing the agency on board, the practice was running print ads and some radio and TV commercials, but was receiving “no response,” according to one of the doctors at the center. The agency presented the reproductive center with a new advertising strategy, using radio, emotion-evoking creative, and a vanity 800 number to generate calls and track response to the campaign.

Challenge: Generate more patient inquiries by improving response to advertising campaigns.

Solution: Develop a radio campaign around 1-800-NEW-DREAM and develop the center’s name recognition in the region.

Results: Within six to eight months of running a consistent radio campaign using 1-800-NEW-DREAM, call volume went from 40 per month to over 200 calls per month. The agency’s Vice President explains why he chose to use a vanity 800 number in his client’s advertising, “I like to use vanity numbers because they work. Our clients’ campaigns generate more calls as a result of using a phone number that people will easily recall when they decide it’s time to make an appointment.”

According to him, the vanity 800 number and call data from the tracking reports made the response to their advertising tangible for his client. “Having hard data to back up the success of a campaign helps us counsel clients to stay consistent with an advertising strategy that is working.”

“As an agency, our job is to create successful campaigns for our clients. The combination of the radio ads and a phone number, that is easy for people to remember, brought it all together and boosted call volumes from an average of 57 calls a month, increasing every year to an average monthly volume of 385 calls per month (directly from advertising). By increasing their call volumes, we’ve done our job.”

Since revamping their advertising campaign, the agency has helped their reproductive medicine client grow call volumes by “at least 50%,” and the fertility center has expanded from one to three locations within eight years. “Having a vanity 800 number in our clients’ campaigns provides the checks and balances that we’re spending their advertising dollars in the right places, and we can track all of the calls that the ads generate.”

An eight-year relationship with the client, increasing call volumes, and an expanding practice prove that the agency strategy is right on track for their client.

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