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Multi-Location Hospice Provider Evaluates Their Ad Spend Effectiveness with Vanity 800 Numbers

Client: President of Advertising Agency for Hospice Provider – Midwest

Background: The hospice provider has 10 locations, in 10 metro markets. Each location was executing their own advertising campaigns, and taking incoming calls to their individual local phone numbers.

Challenge: The client did not have a centralized process to track campaigns, or monitor incoming calls. Call data and advertising performance metrics were fragmented.

Solution: Use a vanity 800 number to target the consumer segment, and one for the healthcare provider segment. Use tracking and recording services to capture data for campaign analysis.

Results: According to the President of the advertising agency, “Since activating the vanity phone numbers, our client is able for the first time to benchmark advertising campaign performance, access tangible data associated with their campaigns, and evaluate media performance.”

“Their results have been amazing since we’ve put the vanity numbers and tracking services in place,” she goes on to say. “They’ve grown exponentially, with sales increasing by 213%, and the number of employees growing by 270%.”

The agency and their client use a mix of advertising media to reach two very different target groups; consumers and healthcare providers. The President of the agency explains, “We use traditional media like print, out-of-home and direct mail to reach both audiences, along with online media.”

Since the company and agency now have the ability to track campaign performance, they’ve been able to make educated decisions and modify media buys based on performance. “We’ve learned how effective our ad campaigns are, how accurately we’re targeting the audiences, and how well our client is serving their customers.”

On top of the tracking data and analysis that the agency and their client now perform, the client is also listening to Call Recordings to identify missed opportunities, improve their process of fi elding incoming calls, and analyze how well they are servicing their customers. “By establishing their own internal call center and call evaluation process, our client now has the ability to identify areas for strategic improvement,” she says.

The President of the agency adds that both Crossroads and her agency are excited about where 1-800-GREAT-CARE is going to take the business as they continue to improve ad spending.

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