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Louisiana Outreach Agency Opens The Lines of Communication Using a Vanity 800 Number
“Our incoming call volume increased by at least 50% after we started using the custom 800 number in our advertising.”

Client: Director – Southern LA

Background: State-wide community agency wages the war on poverty by protecting and improving the quality of lives of low income residents through services of education, training advocacy and recreation. They provide assistance to over 150,000 community members and veterans each year.

Challenge: The agency needed a designated phone number to support their under-privileged US veteran assistance advertisements and programs.

Solution: Use 1-800-NEW-QUAD to reinforce the name of the agency and make it easy for their clients to remember that they are just a phone call away when in need.

Results: The Program Director at the agency has been working with QUAD for several years. The agency was receiving a tremendous amount of incoming calls. They wanted a designated number to track incoming calls specific to their advertising so they could differentiate between new “leads” versus ongoing community support.

“We wanted to work with 800response because they had an easy-to-remember number, and it is aligned with the agency name, which is pretty cool,” says the PD.

Since activating 1-800-NEW-QUAD the agency has seen a significant increase in call volume. He continues, “Our incoming call volume increased by at least 50% after we started using the Custom 800 number in our advertising.”

The agency’s seven locations now receive over 200 calls a month coming into the 1-800-NEW-QUAD line alone, and callers always reach a live person. “The phone rings pretty much all of the time,” says the Program Director.

He continues, “The vanity number is featured in all of our advertising and marketing materials. We have five billboards that post the number, and we run several public service announcements.” QUAD distributes green silicone bracelets to all of their veterans with 1-800-NEW-QUAD imprinted on them for easy access to the organization. The agency also features the memorable phone number in Yellow Pages ads, on all Case Managers’ business cards, and on their Web site.

Using the Custom 800 number, QUAD is more accessible than ever before and able to serve additional community members. They continue to advance towards their goal of a better tomorrow.

What Our Customers Are Saying

Whenever I ask 800response if they can help us tackle questions about our account or requests for call data, they always respond with a can-do attitude like ‘we’re going to work on this.’ Then during our next conversation they report that they’ve found a way to resolve our request, and they always come through. Our Client Engagement Specialist and all employees at the company set high bars for themselves, and I’m confident that they will come through every time and deliver when I ask for help.

Vishwas Arora, Channel Marketing Manager at Kohler