Vanity Numbers Show Customers You Care

1-800-NEW-LOVE: Vanity Numbers Show Your Customers You Care!

A little homage to St. Valentine…

And, with a vanity number, you show homage to your customers.


Because, advertising with a vanity number, and providing your customers with an easy-to-remember phone number when they need to call you, is a great way to show your customers you care about them!

Vanity numbers are proven to generate more incoming calls, sales and profits – by 25-50% in fact.

Use this ROI calculator to tally up how much more revenue you will see in your business’s bottom line when you activate a vanity number and include it in all of your advertising, marketing, and promotions campaigns!

Show your customers the love!

Search our online directory of vanity 800 numbers for the perfect number for your business, or contact us and we’ll do the searching for you!