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Five Tricks to Optimizing Your Website for More Inbound Calls

Why Website Optimization Matters

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is always changing. In fact, in 2021 alone, SEO experts predict several new trends businesses should pay attention to. This makes optimizing your website for inbound leads a moving target.

But while SEO will always change, your business phone number will likely stay the same. Optimizing your website to generate more inbound calls will always support your overall lead-generation efforts. Before you can hone your marketing efforts, you need to generate more leads and sales. We can help with both, and we’ll show you how in this post.

Here are five web optimization tricks that will guarantee a boost in inbound calls.

1. Put Your Business Phone Number on the Home Page

You’d be surprised by how many businesses forget to do this. While your phone number should be on your contact page and footer, make sure it is visible and easy to read on your home page. Customers need to quickly and easily find your number, and your home page is most likely the first place they will land.

If your phone number is in their direct line of sight, your home page alone will pull in higher response rates. Bottom line: The easier your number is to find, the more calls you’ll receive.

2. Use Your Phone Number as the Direct Response Tool

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It is imperative to give people an easy way to contact you once they get to your website. The best way to do this is with a click-to-call phone number. Getting someone to call means you are one step closer to making a deal. By displaying a clickable phone number, you are offering a one-on-one customer experience while giving prospects a direct route to your sales team.

3. Feature an 800 Vanity Number on Your Website

Even if you use a clickable phone number, your number should be easy to remember. Vanity 800 numbers, such as 1-800-NEXT-HOME, are proven to be more memorable than numerical ones. But make sure your vanity 800 number relates to your business.

Choosing the right vanity number reinforces your brand, delivers a consistent message, and will always let consumers know exactly what you offer. Plus, when a prospect visits multiple sites looking for products and services like yours, they will recall your vanity 800 number and call you before they call your competition! Search our vanity directory to see what’s available in your industry.

4. Prominently Display Your Call to Action

Give people a reason to call you and get them to act fast! Include a call to action (CTA) that will encourage prospects and customers to call you right away. Tell them what they will get right now from your service.

For example, if you run a local HVAC company, and you want to route callers to your green energy sales team, consider using this CTA: Get Your Quote on New Solar Panels. Call 1-800-NEW-ENERGY Now! There are literally thousands of vanity numbers available, so use your creativity to find the perfect number/CTA combo!

5. Test Your Changes for Best Results

Last but not least, test, test, test! Make sure you track results to see how your toll-free or vanity 800 number has increased lead generation and sales. Delivering a consistent message multiple times will ensure consumers remember you. But you want to see which messages get more calls. 800response makes that part easy since we offer call tracking with every number you get from us.

When your website is optimized with a catchy vanity number and advanced call routing and lead tracking tools, you will see the benefits almost immediately. Plus, when you choose 800response, our 5-star Client Engagement team will help you use our call tracking reports to determine which strategies get the best results. Schedule a custom demo with an Account Specialist.

Looking for other ways to create a competitive advantage for your business? Call 1-800-NEW-SALE to get a quote. After all, as you can see from our number, we practice what we preach.

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