Memorable Numbers are Always Available for Your Industry.

Memorable Vanity 800 Numbers Are Available for Any Industry

Your business is not only your lifeblood and your pride and joy, but it is an extension of your personality. You’ve taken painstaking efforts to come up with a catchy brand name. Do you think business names like “Carl’s Pain in The Glass” windshield repair, “Lord of The Fries”, and “Florist Gump” just name themselves? Of course not! You’ve even taken the time to come up with a catchy slogan, a catchy URL, maybe even a catchy mascot.

This begs the following question; Why wouldn’t you take the time to find a memorable and catchy phone number for your customers to easily remember and call you?

Advertising a vanity 800 number is an extension of all the other ways you try to get your customers to easily remember who you are and how to contact you.

The Benefits of Memorable Numbers

Choosing from available vanity 800 numbers isn’t just about selecting another phone number for your business. Catchy phone numbers as a marketing tool are an important part of your branding and marketing strategy. When you choose memorable 800 numbers rather than a string of numbers, you enjoy several benefits:

  • Easy-to-remember vanity numbers with letters as well as numbers are easier for customers to remember, so you may be more likely to get calls. Customers may also remember the number longer, so they may call you even outside of your advertising campaigns.
  • When you use letters as well as numbers in your phone number, you can use your phone number in your marketing and promotional materials, and it’s more likely to stand out.
  • It’s easier to create a jingle or logo around a vanity number with letters as well as numbers.
  • When you use a phone number with words as well as numbers — whether those words are your company name or refer to your industry — the phone number alone acts as an advertisement. Even if potential customers see just your phone number and no other material, they will still know what your business does.

Easy-to-remember 800 vanity numbers include both letters and numbers, and they are designed to make it easier for your customers and clients to reach you. With all these benefits, why wouldn’t you want a vanity number? They make marketing easier, and the toll-free feature encourages customers from all over your business area to reach out to you because there is no cost in doing so.

How Can You Find Memorable 800 Numbers?

Your next question may be something like; “there really aren’t any effective vanity 800 numbers for my particular business.” Au contraire, my friend. Vanity 800 numbers can be suited for any business ranging from accountants to computer technology pros. Take a look at these sample available vanity 800 numbers just for starters:

  • 800-NEW-CARS (New and Used Car Dealers)
  • 800-NEW-HOME (Real Estate, Remodeling)
  • 800-NEW-REMEDY (Massage)
  • 800-NEW-IMAGE (Beauty Salons, Cosmetic Surgery Centers)
  • Many, Many, More

Vanity numbers related to your business name may already be claimed, especially if you have a more common business name. Larger companies often buy up numerous toll-free number options — including numbers they aren’t actively using yet — just in case they decide to expand into an area. With vanity numbers like the ones above, though, you can still enjoy an easy-to-remember number. In fact, these numbers may be even more effective, because they give customers a clue as to what your business is about.

Are You Ready to Make It Easier for Customers to Reach You?

Quality 800 vanity numbers can provide strong return on investment (ROI), higher call volumes than purely numeric numbers, and are super easy to implement with an existing phone system. With all these reasons and so many great and memorable 800 vanity numbers available, why wouldn’t you take advantage of this service for your business?

Use our online directory to find the best vanity 800 phone number for your business. You can search by specific number, by keyword, or by industry to get a list of the powerful vanity 800 numbers we have available. Keep in mind that this is not a full list of the numbers we have, so you can also contact us to speak with an experienced Account Manager who can help you find the perfect vanity 800 number for your business.



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