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800 Vanity Numbers – The Easy Way to Get Noticed and Be Remembered

If given a choice between a company that has an easy to remember phone number and one that needed to be looked up, most consumers will go with the company that uses 800 vanity numbers.

If given some thought, it’s a lot easier to remember 1-800-MY-PIZZA than it is to remember 1-800-697-4992. That may sound like an easy number to remember but if someone is wanting to order a pizza the number may be on the tip of their tongue but they just can’t remember. So, they call 1-800-MY-PIZZA instead.

In this scenario, since the telephone numbers are the same, My Pizza would not have lost any business. But if this was a true example and the telephone numbers were for two different pizza joints, then My Pizza still would have won the business. Solely because the customer could remember My Pizza’s telephone number easily they sold a product instead of the competitor.

Let’s face it – the days of the Yellow Pages in print are coming to an end. According to, “multiple studies confirm that consumers use the internet first (80% of the time)”, when searching for a new business while the “yellow pages come in second or third”.

So, if your business telephone number is not easy to remember, chances of being seen in the yellow pages are fairly slim. Not to mention the cost of a yellow page ad that will be seen by the minority, rather than the majority. went on to state that the average cost of a yellow page ad averages around $4000.00. That’s quite a hefty sum with no guarantee the ad will be seen.

And, let’s not get started on the value of 800 vanity numbers in radio, television and outdoor media when the consumer can’t write the phone number down, and the costs to play in that space are much higher than print!

A memorable 800 number is a fraction of a yellow page ad and much more effective. Get your own 800 vanity number and drive up customer responses up to 50% higher.

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