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800response Partners with Ingage to Deliver Data That Makes a Difference to Companies Like Kohler

800response is pleased to announce our new partnership with Ingage, creators of the industry-leading sales enablement platform, the Ingage Suite.

This partnership was sparked by what we saw as a growing need for marketers and sales leaders to have an easier way to understand and use data. Ultimately, we wanted to help companies use data to drive actionable results across the entire organization. We also wanted to provide managers with the tools to build a better analytics process from the call center to in-home sales. And together, we are helping home improvement businesses more accurately target and track marketing efforts. And we’re helping them measure the customer experience – all with a goal of growing revenue.

How We Helped Kohler

Did you know that the average business has 137 unique SaaS apps? This translates to an overwhelming amount of data coming at you from many platforms. It can often feel impossible to decide which pieces of information to focus on to make informed decisions. The pros at Kohler had this exact problem.

When Kohler was trying to determine what apps to choose to help them grow their business, they knew they needed options that would provide valuable and easy-to-understand insights. They also knew that these data-driven insights were extremely valuable to their business. But, they had to find an easy way to evaluate that data to make better decisions throughout the sales process.

Enter 800response and Ingage.

By joining forces, we helped Kohler overcome their data explosion challenges. Now, Kohler uses 800response’s call tracking and customer analytics to gather insights to help them better target the right customers. In addition, Kohler can now better process the metrics from their call centers to evaluate the training needs of their dealers using our caller analytics reports. And Ingage makes it easier for Kohler to understand how reps were handling in-home sales with their presentation analytics.

Don’t Miss Our Upcoming Webinar!

If you’re interested in learning more about this partnership, and how we helped Kohler, be sure to register for our upcoming webinar with Ingage and Kohler on May 11th at 3pm EST.* In this webinar, you’ll learn how to tell your company’s story and build stronger customer relationships and customer loyalty.

Join Ashley Crozier and Neil Jochman of Kohler, along with Ingage, and 800response for an afternoon chat about their experiences with our platforms. Hear firsthand how they use data to make better decisions and build a better business, without having to be data scientists.

More About Ingage

Ingage has been powering elite companies with a unique combination of software and storytelling since 2008. In the beginning, Ingage was a leader in digital content for iPhone and iPad, bringing magazines and children’s books to the platforms. Since then, we have spent more than a decade helping content creators and businesses of all sizes with our industry-leading sales enablement platform: the Ingage Suite. Today, elite sales teams all over the world are delivering more than 100,000 Ingage presentations each month and winning new business.

More About 800response

Since 1990, 800response has been the industry leader in shared-use services for 1-800 vanity numbers. We offer the widest selection of vanity toll-free numbers available today. Now, 800response offers a full solution suite of real-time call tracking reports, call recording, custom call routing arrangements. We also offer call transcription through our company, CallFinder. We help businesses across all industries – including home improvement – boost and optimize new customer acquisitions and interactions, measure and track campaign performance, and monitor the customer experience.

*This webinar is no longer available. If you would like more information about how we can help your business, please contact us with questions. Or schedule a demo.

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