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Home Improvement Companies: Must-Know Tips for Measuring Advertising Success

As the number of people who worked from home rose in 2020, so did the number of home improvement projects. In fact, home improvement companies saw a huge spike in business – from new roof and window installs to bathroom and kitchen upgrades. No matter which services they offer, home improvement companies must rely on effective advertising strategies to remain relevant in an ever-growing market.

But how can they know which marketing campaigns are actually getting the desired results? With so much data available to marketers today, making informed decisions can feel nearly impossible. Here are a few tips every home improvement company must know to guarantee advertising success.

1. Ad Placement is Crucial

Even as the demand for home improvement services grows, strategic ad placement is crucial to keeping up with the competition. Call tracking tools provide vital data on each incoming call, revealing the campaigns with the best outcomes.

Marketing leaders use this data to shape future strategies and to create more effective campaigns. Detailed tracking reports provide caller data that informs campaign decisions, such as the best times to advertise. You can also use this data to understand your ideal customer.

2. Know Your Target Audience

In addition to knowing the best times and places to feature ads, it is also important to know which audiences to target. Every bit of data obtained from callers helps qualify leads and create ads that attract your ideal customer. You can also segment your customer base with caller analytics reporting.

With our consumer profiles, you have access to detailed information on your callers, such as dwelling type, length of residence, wealth decile, household composition, and more. All of this information helps home improvement contractors gain a better understanding of their customers to create highly targeted marketing strategies.

3. Utilize Call Routing

Home improvement companies often serve many different geographic areas. You can make sure those calls are going to the right location with an advanced call routing solution. This guarantees customers are connected to the business site most convenient to them.

You can route calls according to the caller’s area code, zip code, call prompting, and other options. And geo-based call routing can pinpoint a caller’s geographic location, which is very convenient for cell phone users. Ultimately, call routing ensures each call gets to where it needs to go.

Home improvement competition is strong, so companies need to find ways to put themselves ahead in the game. Using these advertising tips along with memorable call-to-action tools, such as vanity numbers, and call tracking tools will improve advertising ROI and bring in new business through well-informed marketing strategies.

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